Evolution of an Israeli High-Tech Start-Up

Mr. Einav is one of the pioneers of the Israeli Hi-Tech industry. In 1983 he founded “The 4th Dimension Software” where he served as CEO and Chairman of the Board until it was sold, in 1999, to the American company, BMC. Today, Mr. Einav heads Einav Hi-Tec Assets which focuses on investing in High-Tech startups.

Dr. Miriam Yahil-Wax is a dramaturg, writer, translator. She is a published poet and critic, and an award winning translator of some 50 plays and novels (Dickens, Lessing, Doctorow, Oates, Guare, Moliere, Stoppard, Gorky). As dramaturg of Gesher Theatre she co-adapted and translated Doestoevsky’s The Idiot, Babel’s Odessa Stories.