Evolution of an Israeli High-Tech Start-Up

Dr. Barak Ben-Avinoam – Partner Benhamou Global Ventures

Hi Roni

I read your book during the flight to SF and almost finished it in one go. It kept me up last night thinking about the challenges and obstacles that you & your friends (and ex-friends) had to go through. This morning I woke up early and continued reading until I finished the book. I have to admit that I am reading it like it was a book by John le Carré, especially the parts about the Board meeting in Tijuana and the Board meeting in Israel following that trip.

This is a must-read for every entrepreneur or would-be entrepreneur.

Best regards,

Dr. Barak Ben-Avinoam
Benhamou Global Ventures

Arnon Erez – Senior Projects Manager

I read the book with great interest. It is an excellent book. Both the writing and editing are extraordinary.

The weaving together of personal family experiences with those of your career very tastefully done and most appealing.
I often identified with characters and situations.

The risks you have taken were both amazing and awe inspiring, the opportunities that came your way no less so. How captivating!

Cordially and with deep appreciation, Arnon.

Arnon Erez
Senior Projects Manager

Mark Werfel, President – Mark Werfel LLC

Is the book interesting? Dramatically so.

Enjoy the book, share the adventure and journey from the dirt streets of old Tel Aviv to the exciting power-centers of the world. The eternal values of honor, integrity and righteous behavior, tempered with periods of struggle, are proven yet again — and in a most rewarding read: Through Roni; as through many others in many ways; Israel lives its promise. Even better, apply his journey to yours.

Stan Steinreich, President & CEO – Steinreich Communications


I want to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It is totally the sequel to Start Up Nation! The writing is terrific and what I mean by that, is I was not only captured by the story and emotion, but it was written in a way that kept the book flowing. I am not an easy book consumer. I tend to start a lot of books, then get bogged down in the reading and don’t continue. I think Miriam did a wonderful job of keeping a reader like me captivated…not wanting to put the book down until I finished it.

Amiram Shor – Chairman, CEO – E.N.T

Dear Roni,

I read your book carefully.

A fascinating book describing the experiences of an entrepreneur, the hardships along the way, the perseverance, determination and devotion required, without which you can not achieve success.

The combination of business and family add a special touch, a unique book with an inside perspective into the experiences and challenges of the entrepreneur.

I think this is a must for all those with aspirations and ambitions for business entrepreneurship, of any kind, especially in sophisticated industries.

Well done!

Amiram Shor – Chairman, CEO – E.N.T


Zvi Galil – John P. Imlay Jr. Dean, College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology

Dear Roni,

The road to success is not straight, so the saying goes, and your journey is certainly a very special one.

It can teach the reader a lot about the mental and practical qualities required to run the marathon of technology in a complex and modern business world.

The book is superbly written as a moving human thriller that both documents and instructs. Kudos!

As an old acquaintance I may be a bit biased, but also so very very proud!


Zvi Galil
John P. Imlay Jr. Dean,
College of Computing
Georgia Institute of Technology

Pinhas Romik CEO – Pageflex and MSDH Inc

With great interest I read pre-print English version of Roni’s book. What I found very interesting in this book is intertwining of the life story of an entrepreneur with the story of building a business. Me, an Israeli, who works for 40 years in hi-tech, this was heart-touching story. Roni’s life values inherited from his parents are still strongly engraved in the Israeli society, and clearly worth duplication by many other old and emerging societies. Quoting Roni’s parents “.. man are also a people..” sounded to me almost like taken from the famous JFK speech “..Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country’?…”

Life of the entrepreneur described by Roni is a true story of most of the people who enter hi-tech race. The casualty rate is very high, only few make it to the IPO and become rich and famous. Roni managed to do that, and even more, to succeed after the IPO. I say to Roni “Chapeau!”. He truly deserves it.

Pinhas Romik
CEO – Pageflex and MSDH Inc

M. Rosenblum, Business Development, RoadMetric

I found Roni Einav’s autobiography, Nordau to Wall Street, both entertaining and enlightening.

Roni interweaves his story of growing up in an ideologically-motivated family in Tel Aviv during the years of Israel’s Socialist ascendency with the building of New Dimension Software, a company that played a key role in Israel’s becoming an important player in the global economy.

The book ends with the sale of New Dimension Software in 1999, but I look forward to reading the sequel, when Roni will tell of his success in launching new ventures that spark Israeli and world-wide economic growth in the new millennium.

M. Rosenblum, Business Development, RoadMetric

Professor Zvi Sever, Zoologist

Dear Roni,

Following our chance meeting, I practically devoured your book.

It reads like a thriller, illuminating the business side as well as the personal story which I found especially appealing, knowing some of you.

I feel this is an important book for anyone who wants to start a start up and will inevitably reach the same crossroads you did, where you did not always stop at the read light yet, somehow managed to arrive safely at your destination.

All the best

Zvi Sever, Zoologist

Dan Gillon Translator [to English] of the book

Roni Boker Tov,

I want to say that I learned a great deal from this work about human nature, the family, the history of high tech and the courage, dedication and perseverance it takes to stand firm, believe in the ultimate success of what you are doing and, against all the odds, win the ultimate prize of becoming not just one more celestial body but a glittering star in a galaxy all of your own. It was a privilege for me to do this translation and I can only hope that the result is good enough to see the book published in English and accessible to a far wider public.

Dan Gillon Translator [to English] of the book

Eli Eftat, CEO Axxana


I truly enjoyed reading the book.

The book gave me a charming perspective on your personal journey which was also that of one of our industry’s flag ships. I loved the descriptions of the times and the values that are no longer as prevalent in Israeli society.

Now I feel I know you so much better, your childhood, your development in Israeli high-tech, your troubles and joys.

May there be more joys and new enterprises!

Eli Efrat, CEO Axxana

Dr. David Almagor, CEO Panoramic Power Ltd.


I just finished your excellent book. It took me one weekend, and I could not let go. Very well written, highly inspiring, and educational.

I appreciated the personal story of growing up in the newly established state of Israel, a story that was very well woven into the business story.

Being an entrepreneur myself, I could relate and draw many analogies and conclusions for my own professional world.


Dr. David Almagor, CEO
Panoramic Power Ltd.

Isaac Eldar – CEO Shobile Ltd.

Eventually I read your book in one shot…. Really fascinating (honestly and not for “lehitchaneff”) and meet many people I know. For the outsider, the way to success looks straightforward…It happens, it is not so… now I understand your story with “Motti”..

When do you write your next book…

Isaac Eldar | CEO

Shobile Ltd.

Moti Eliav Software development executive and consultant, San Francisco / Bay Area

I enjoyed very much reading your fascinating book. It helped me to “complete the puzzle” and learn what really happened behind the scenes of New D while I worked there. However, the most interesting thing for me was the timing – now that I’m standing on a crossroads in my career I found this book inspiring and yet – painfully realistic. The passion of being self-employed is well balanced against the events we have no real control on, the behavior of the people we partnered with and sometimes even pure luck. I couldn’t stop reading the book till I finished it….

Moti Eliav

Software development executive and consultant, San Francisco / Bay  Area

Ori Eisen, Founder & Chief innovation officer of The 41st Parameter


I finished reading your book, and it is very good.  I would not write it, if I didn’t think it was.

It provides an honest account of what it means to start a business and keep it going.  When a young entrepreneur wants to “start”, they should read this book and know that “not all that glitters is gold…”

The most important lesson I got from it is how a small clause in a contract can wreak havoc later on, and when you sign something ‘just to be done with it”, you need to think about is as if the company is worth $1BN

The notion of getting 3% of revenues if and when the software will sell, in return for renting workstations is a classic example in the book.  So many your founders may fall into such traps, that it is good to tell it like it is, and pass on the lesson.

I only found one typo, which is amazing for a book this long, and when I re-read I will send it for your second edition.  The only change I would make to the book is to expand on the story of the French company, and the process of changing the company name.  If there is more to this story, it actually can turn into a chapter, as it is mentioned now as a “by the way”.

I personally really likes to learn more about you as a person, and about your life experiences (the good and the tragic), as it paints a better picture of you as a businessman.  As a person who had to fire their drunk CEO and live through the craziness that precedes it, I completely identified with the two times you had to sever your relationships with your partners. That is like a divorce and is never easy on all sides, including the “children” (employees).

Well done on writing it, and I think you succeeded in writing a story that is not “another startup story”, but a must-read for those who want to go on a startup ride and become successful.


Ori Eisen, Founder & Chief innovation officer of The 41st Parameter

Chanan Ben-Oz, Business Strategy Expert, Haifa University PhD.

Dear Roni,

I finished it a week after our meeting.

It was very moving. You really open your heart and expose yourself…I love it!!!

It is more a personal story book than an Israeli High-Tech book…

Again, for me it was very exciting (mainly the family’s parts) and I also got some lessons:

1. Always believe in yourself

2. The “big mines” in the business are actually human beings so we can beat them.

3. Select carefully your partners and base your choice mainly upon their personality

4. Think over the current situation in your partner selection – someone that seems to be fit now, might be not ideal for the future.

5. Since we are small, our competitive advantage should come from creativity and dynamism.

Many thx. for those insights and more…

Chanan Ben-Oz, Business Strategy Expert, Haifa University PhD.

Shimon Peres, President of Israel

Dear Roni,

Thank you for the book written by Dr Miriam Yahil-Wax and yourself, Nordau to NASDAQ.

Israel is not rich with vast planes, natural resources or a huge population. It is small in size but large in human capital of magnificent stature. Its excellence is the fruit of its having become a laboratory for the world, always at the forefront of scientific and technological development.

The international success of Israeli high-tech industry is at the core of this ever growing laboratory, where even the sky is not the limit.

I wish you a future of more industry.

Shimon Peres


Savinoam Avivi, Businessman, former Head of Security in ISA, chief consultant for Koor

I got up early this morning to continue reading this exellent book – Nordau to NASDAQ. I am enjoying every minute, every line, especially the chapter about the late Uri, whose spirit is still looking at us, the living, from your book.

I haven’t yet finished the book but felt I must write to you and express my appreciation of what you have been through in business, and came out of with flying colors.

Savinoam Avivi, Businessman, former Head of Security in ISA, chief consultant for Koor


Shaul Nagar, Lieutenant Colonel (retired) & Editor of “Shirion” Magazine

On Yom Kippur I was able to finish reading your fascinating book which, I might add, thrilled me.
Allow me to say it is beautifully written. I also enjoyed the personal and family stories outside the hi-tec ambience, that made it even more interesting.
It can surely serve as an Israeli case history of this challenging field.

Shaul Nagar, Lieutenant Colonel (retired) & Editor of “Shirion” Magazine

Giora Rom – General (Reserve) Israel Air-Force.

Your book arrived yesterday afternoon, and now, 24 hours after flipping the first page, I finished it – is awesome! I could not put it down …

First thing, you think know someone and you find “You do not know-sh*t” as the Americans say.

The second thing – suddenly serving in the Military does not seem like the most stressful job in the world.

There are passages in the book that bring the reader to the edge of their seat with suspense.

The third thing – Your ability to combine work, private life with precise moderation. I do not know where fit your gut, liver, spleen, etc.. Suddenly you seem like you are all “b*lls”.

A must read (definitely) for anyone in Hi – Tech.

Giora Rom, General (Reserve) Israel Air-Force.

Uzi Ilem, Brigadier general (I.D.F), Head of R&D Israel Dept. of Defense, Writer.

I devoured the book – you have a worthy and fascinating story. Miriam deserves a pat on the back for writing so fluently.

Incidentally, I have sinned in writing (without assistance) and the book with the story of the defense R & D called “arc of Elam” print out these weeks by “news books” when over there to the Committee after the jaws of censorship already left.

Again, Ronnie, thank you and Congratulations.

Uzi Ilem, Brigadier general (I.D.F), Head of R&D Israel Dept. of Defense, Writer.

Medical Proffesor Amirav Gordon

Roni’s book is a well written and an exciting book, the melange between his family history and his business existence is well balanced… it is a very interesting book describing the ascendence of young Israeli’s into the heartland of computer science and technology, it is really a compliment to all of us.

(Medical Proffesor Amirav Gordon)