Evolution of an Israeli High-Tech Start-Up

Dr. Eng. WACLAW Iszkowski – Polish chamber of IT and Telecommunication

“I recommend it especially for those who want to understand the reasons for the success of Israeli hi-tech companies. This book emphasizes the importance of military service in hi-tech units, which gives young soldiers
experience in science and technology. As civilians they apply the same fighting spirit and drive for innovation to their business enterprises. It is fascinating to observe how a company is managed in a world so different from ours, and so characteristic for the Jewish community. It would be important for us Poles to see how important it is to respect the rules of negotiations, take agreements and contracts seriously and, at the same time, strive to do well in your personal life. If we learn from Mr Einav’s experience, it may be easier for us to seek cooperation with Israeli businesses to our mutual benefit. Our local business scene may find the rules presented in the book quite useful. It is worth taking the time to read this book.”

Dr. Eng. WACLAW Iszkowski

Guy Nirpaz, UDIM

We are not acquainted, but I feel very close to you after having spent the last two days reading your book, which I couldn’t lay down.
As a beginning entrepreneur my strongest response which is still with me now is one of inspiration. I feel truly inspired!
It was great to read of the success, but the difficulties along the way aroused my deep appreciationg of the journey you have made.
Thank you for writing this book,

Guy Nirpaz, UDIM