Evolution of an Israeli High-Tech Start-Up

Giora Rom – General (Reserve) Israel Air-Force.

Your book arrived yesterday afternoon, and now, 24 hours after flipping the first page, I finished it – is awesome! I could not put it down …

First thing, you think know someone and you find “You do not know-sh*t” as the Americans say.

The second thing – suddenly serving in the Military does not seem like the most stressful job in the world.

There are passages in the book that bring the reader to the edge of their seat with suspense.

The third thing – Your ability to combine work, private life with precise moderation. I do not know where fit your gut, liver, spleen, etc.. Suddenly you seem like you are all “b*lls”.

A must read (definitely) for anyone in Hi – Tech.

Giora Rom, General (Reserve) Israel Air-Force.

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