Evolution of an Israeli High-Tech Start-Up

Ori Eisen, Founder & Chief innovation officer of The 41st Parameter


I finished reading your book, and it is very good.  I would not write it, if I didn’t think it was.

It provides an honest account of what it means to start a business and keep it going.  When a young entrepreneur wants to “start”, they should read this book and know that “not all that glitters is gold…”

The most important lesson I got from it is how a small clause in a contract can wreak havoc later on, and when you sign something ‘just to be done with it”, you need to think about is as if the company is worth $1BN

The notion of getting 3% of revenues if and when the software will sell, in return for renting workstations is a classic example in the book.  So many your founders may fall into such traps, that it is good to tell it like it is, and pass on the lesson.

I only found one typo, which is amazing for a book this long, and when I re-read I will send it for your second edition.  The only change I would make to the book is to expand on the story of the French company, and the process of changing the company name.  If there is more to this story, it actually can turn into a chapter, as it is mentioned now as a “by the way”.

I personally really likes to learn more about you as a person, and about your life experiences (the good and the tragic), as it paints a better picture of you as a businessman.  As a person who had to fire their drunk CEO and live through the craziness that precedes it, I completely identified with the two times you had to sever your relationships with your partners. That is like a divorce and is never easy on all sides, including the “children” (employees).

Well done on writing it, and I think you succeeded in writing a story that is not “another startup story”, but a must-read for those who want to go on a startup ride and become successful.


Ori Eisen, Founder & Chief innovation officer of The 41st Parameter

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