Evolution of an Israeli High-Tech Start-Up

Pinhas Romik CEO – Pageflex and MSDH Inc

With great interest I read pre-print English version of Roni’s book. What I found very interesting in this book is intertwining of the life story of an entrepreneur with the story of building a business. Me, an Israeli, who works for 40 years in hi-tech, this was heart-touching story. Roni’s life values inherited from his parents are still strongly engraved in the Israeli society, and clearly worth duplication by many other old and emerging societies. Quoting Roni’s parents “.. man are also a people..” sounded to me almost like taken from the famous JFK speech “..Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country’?…”

Life of the entrepreneur described by Roni is a true story of most of the people who enter hi-tech race. The casualty rate is very high, only few make it to the IPO and become rich and famous. Roni managed to do that, and even more, to succeed after the IPO. I say to Roni “Chapeau!”. He truly deserves it.

Pinhas Romik
CEO – Pageflex and MSDH Inc

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